Our Services

What Will You Experience in Our Workshops?

In our workshop studios, you will most be struck by the smiles on the faces of all involved. Each workshop contains a performing artist whose primary role is to inspire creativity and provide feedback to scaffold our students’ thought processes in order to bring their ideas into reality. Driving this visceral experience is the understanding that the results of their efforts will be featured and celebrated by our communities through our seasonal performances.



Direction and Implementation of Full Musical Production (Licensing Fee Additional)

We will produce and direct a school-based musical production. Our team will conduct auditions, form cast, coach actors, facilitate choreography, integrate musical accompanists and/or pit bands, run rehearsals, market production, manage ticket sales, and integrate a philanthropic donation. Also as part of this package, we will timeline and set the rehearsal production schedule, propose budges, and source vendors.

Pricing is adjustable based on the expectation of your organization.



Themed Weekend Workshops / Drama Camps

Our camps and workshops offer an intensive training apprenticeship for students of the theatrical arts. We will inspire our participants to bring forward and share their vision of a particular performance. Themes, music and scripts will be explored as students determine what they want their performance to be.

Once the theme is chosen, students will work together in mentorship groups hosted by our resident performing arts coaches. Students will be supported through as they develop singing, acting, dancing, designing talents – all while building outstanding relationships with their fellow cast members.

Our Weekend Workshops and Drama camps may be conducted on your campus, or alternatively we can arrange rehearsal and performance venues.

Examples include: Disney Musicals, Pop Classics, Star Tunes, and Broadway Classics.



After School Drama Skill-Building Workshops / Clubs

These workshops and clubs will be created based on demand through your after-school extra-curricular activities program. Membership to these workshops can either be audition-based or open-enrollment. Integrated into these workshops will be coaching and instruction in the different disciplines of musical theater (singing, dancing, and acting). Our team of specialists will inspire your students to improve their performance skills and facilitate their creativity.



Individual and Small-Group Talent Coaching

For students who desire a more-intensive personalized experience, we can create a program of study that will be led by our talented roster of performing arts instructors.  Specific areas of focus might include:

  • Choreography Leadership
  • Vocal Coaching
  • Set Design, Costumes and Make-Up
  • Sound and Lighting Tech